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La Mancha

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Trailer Reaction

I am warning you-you will cry watching this new movie with Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce. Have you read the original book...
Never Grow Old

Never Grow Old Trailer Reaction

What do you think about period pieces? Sometimes they scare me more than anything else! I explain why in this trailer reaction...
Field Guide To Evil Trailer Reaction

Field Guide To Evil Trailer Reaction

I love to do trailer reactions because it gives me a chance to get excited about movies that are coming out and...

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Into The Dark

Into The Dark Treehouse Trailer Reaction – [Hulu Original]

Um - all I can say is wow. I just checked out the Into...
Into The Dark Elevator

Into The Dark Down Movie Review – Trapped In An Elevator

Last night, I watched Hulu's Into The Dark - Down - and you know what? I was surprised by my reaction.

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