As Above So Below is one of those movies that I always watch when I find it available on TV. It truly captivates me and sucks me in whole. There are so many reasons why I think this movie is so scary and it’s not just because the characters are traveling down to the depths of the center of the Earth to find the philosophers stone – even though they know it might mean entering forbidden territory.

This horror movie covers a number of topics including guilt, greed, and shame. Did I mention claustrophobia?

As Above So Below – A Must See Horror Movie (One Of My Favorite)

EEK If you want a full breakdown of this movie, then check out this guy:… HE KNOCKS IT OUT THE PARK. My movie review is not that intense!

This As Above So Below video is more about why I LOVE this movie and I think you should watch it. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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