Men’s Health just released a special interview with Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry on Game of Thrones, where he dishes about Game of Thrones’ massive final season, his come back to the show, the Gendry rowing memesconspiracy theories about his character’s claim to the throne, and whether fans will be happy with the ending.  Q

Joe Dempsie

On his most memorable moment on set: “A lot of the stuff that we’ve done in season 8—the scale of it has been unbelievable. It’s the kind of thing that makes you wonder, ‘I don’t know if I’ll ever work on something of this level again.’ And also, just the fact that you can turn to one of your colleagues in between takes, look at each other and say, without hyperbole or being ironic: ‘TV history, man; we’re in it, we’re making it.’”

On whether fans will support the end of the show: “I think David and Dan realized long ago that you can’t please everyone. I don’t think they’ve ever tried to please everyone. There may be people that aren’t too keen on the ending. But I really think that it’s one that will stand the test of time. And I think even those who don’t necessarily appreciate it when they watch it, I think television history will judge it really favorably.”

On the cast’s reaction to the final script: “There’s a big old WhatsApp group that we all chat on. I think that reading those final scripts made everyone really aware that we should enjoy this time that we’ve got left on it. And the fact that David and Dan did such a good job as well—that’s what made it bittersweet. Joy and, I guess, relief at the fact that they managed to bring this show to such a fantastic close. That’s a daunting prospect for anyone. I think that if the show ended in the way that a lot of people online predicted, then that might be a bit of an anticlimax.”

On the conspiracy theories about his character: “There’s a line in season one, and it’s a first scene you ever see of Gendry, where he’s looking to Ned and he’s asked about his mother, and he says he doesn’t remember much about her at all, other than the fact that she had yellow hair and she would sing to him. It’s one of those things where you go, ‘Do they usually write lines that don’t mean anything, or lines that seem to have significance that [are] never addressed again?’ I was kind of intrigued to see what that might mean, and what impact that might have on Gendry’s clout politically.”

Joe Dempsie

On whether his castmates are anything like their characters: “I think inevitably with so many characters, actors bring elements of themselves to it—and it’s just genius casting on the part of Nina Gold. There are quite a few of the actors that share their characters eccentricities. Like Kristofer Hivju who plays Tormund. He’s pretty much Tormud. Like without the blood lust. I mean, who knows, maybe with the bloodlust. Yeah he’s pretty nuts.”

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